INGEPLAN is an engineering company undertaking both public and private work, with the objective of providing a response to the needs of our clients and, in doing so, we try to provide more than expected in the development or execution of projects.

The basic values and principles which guide and drive our work are:

  1. Commitment to Quality
    We understand that our organisation consists of a series of processes which interact with each other and that the success of our work derives from the control and ongoing improvement of same.
  2. Trust in People
    We promote participative work based on the honesty, trust, integrity and responsibility of people, developing to this effect methods and habits for working as a team and thereby involving people in all of the company’s projects.
  3. Client-oriented
    Satisfied clients are our only guarantee for the future.  Keeping their needs and requirements at the forefront of our minds and orienting our work towards their satisfaction is our principal priority.
  4. Innovation
    We base ourselves on the premise of ongoing improvement, with the establishment of improvement objectives and the application of new technologies, materials and systems.
  5. Economic Orientation
    We work at optimising the management of resources, for the purposes of maximising the profitability of each project.

We can achieve all this thanks to the total involvement of people in the management and the improvement of our company, with the conviction that satisfying both internal and external clients will guarantee our success.