Informative study of new bolueta-intermodal de Abando metro route

The objective of the Informative Study is to gather the necessary data to evaluate the need for extending the current Euskotren line, which currently terminates at the station of Atxuri, through to the district of Abando in Villa de Bilbao, as well as studying the route, in terms of both floor plan and elevation, and the services associated with the railway line.

The new Atxuri station would be located under the estuary and represents the only intermediate station on the entire Bolueta-Abando section.  It will be a double platform station, with a width of 15 m, a useful length of 110 m and two access tunnels.  The entrance to the Eastern tunnel will be located in calle Olano, while the entrance to the Western tunnel will be in the Atxuri station itself. Close to the aforementioned entrance to the East tunnel there will be vertical transport facility for people of reduced mobility.

Client: EuskalTrenbideSarea