Quality and environment


The Quality Management System described by this Quality and Environment Manual covers all activities pertaining to “The development of hydraulic, railway, urbanization and linear projects and works, together with the provision of technical assistance services in relation to hydraulic works, urbanizations and linear work”, administered from INGEPLAN at:

Polígono Neinver, Edificio Astintze 6A, Office 105. 48.160 DERIO.


INGEPLAN is a public and private civil engineering company, whose objective is to respond to the needs of our clients, complying with current legal requirements, for the purposes of which we seek to exceed expectations when undertaking or executing client projects.

The basic values and principles that back up and drive our work are:

  1. COMMITMENT TO QUALITY:We understand that our organization consists of a series of processes that interact with each other and upon which, with constant monitoring and improvement thereof, the success of our work is based.
  2. COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT:The conservation of natural resources and energy, the reduction of waste generation, such as cardboard and plastic containers, encouraging reuse and recycling practices, whenever and wherever feasible, for the purposes of preventing pollution.
  3. COMMITMENT TO COMPLY WITH LEGISLATION: To comply with current legislation, and wherever possible, to exceed the requirements established therein, provided that there is an associated environmental benefit for the company and/or society in general, as well as ensuring that our services meet environment-related legal requirements, other applicable requirements and the specifications of our customers.
  4. TRUST IN PEOPLE: We promote collaborative work based on the honesty, trust, integrity and responsibility of the component individuals, developing methods and habits to facilitate teamwork, thereby ensuring involvement in all of the company’s projects.
  5. CLIENT-ORIENTED: Satisfied customers are our only guarantee for the future. Bearing their requirements in mind and orienting our work towards their satisfaction is our top priority.
  6. INNOVATION: We rely on continuous improvement, establishing improvement objectives and the application of new technologies, materials and systems.
  7. PROFITABILITY-FOCUSED: We work to optimize the management of resources, in order to in turn maximize the profitability of each project.
  8. RISK AWARENESS: The organization employs the analysis of procedural risks in order to prevent potential deviations or nonconformities of the integrated management system.
  9. CONTEXT OF THE ORGANIZATION AND INTERESTED PARTIES: Ingeplan analyzes the context of the environment in which it operates, in order to determine all those interested parties that may have an impact on the company’s activities.

All this is achieved thanks to the total dedication of those involved in the management and improvement of the company, with the absolute conviction that by satisfying internal, external and other interested customers/parties we will guarantee our success.

Ingeplan is aware of the pressing need to care for the environment, which is why it has been identifying and evaluating the environmental aspects derived from activities and services within its control since 2017.