Project management for the expansion of one of the guardian factories in Laudio (Alava)

Project management for expansion work consisting of the implementation of a semi-detached unit next to the existing warehouse. The work… [+ info]

Construction project and project management for recreational swimming pools and renovation of sports facilities in Elorrio, Bizkaia

One of the sports facilities in highest demand within the municipality of Elorrio is open air swimming pools, as reflected… [+ info]

Project for adaptation of the Moyresa-Bunge plots of land for new concessions in the Port of Valencia

The objective of the project is to detail the work to be undertaken as well as the financial cost of… [+ info]

Project for the public underground car park located in Plaza del Ensanche-Bilbao

The principal objective of the project is to adapt the pedestrian access areas, the independent halls, as well as the… [+ info]