Hydraulic Infrastructures

Project for the improvement of sewage system and manholes in Igertualde-Zeanuri

This project arose from the need to correct the different flaws detected by the Town Council of Zeanuri in relation… [+ info]

Technical assistance for the implementation of planned building work and associated engineering at Udal Sareak, s.a. Bloque II

The principal mission of UdalSareak S.A., according to the agreement signed with the participating town councils, is that of managing… [+ info]

Technical assistance for the drafting of sanitation projects and project management, block II-2013

The scope and the functions encompassed within this contract includes all types of Technical Studies and Works, generally related to… [+ info]

Weir, channeling and bridge project over the rivers Oba and Indusi on their passage through Dima, Bizkaia

The object of this project was: Demolition of the weir and excavation of the riverbed. Demolition and rebuild of the… [+ info]