Railway Infrastructures

Support service for project management carried out by ETS/RFV in the surroundings of Donostialdea, Tolosaldea and Kostaldea (historical territory of Gipuzkoa)

IngeplanConsulting is currently providing a technical assistance service in UTE with DAIR INGEROP and GEOCONTROL. The objective of the job… [+ info]

Informative study of new bolueta-intermodal de Abando metro route

The objective of the Informative Study is to gather the necessary data to evaluate the need for extending the current… [+ info]

Metropolitan line 3 of Bilbao (Bizkaia)

Support work for project management on the Casco Viejo – Matiko sector of line 3 of the metropolitan railway of… [+ info]

Construction project relating to supervisory staff quarters at the Deusto station

The Project consists of a redistribution of the internal space in the Supervisory Staff Quarters at the Deusto station, specifying… [+ info]